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The Cromford Memorial Wall is a site for private personal memorialisation of loved ones set in rural tranquility on the Forest Estate. A beautiful, affordable, alternative to the expensive, over-crowed and often unpleasant burial and crematoria grounds common across the UK. The wall provides the opportunity for specific personal memorial for families and individuals with simple high quality design in a deeply rural location overlooking the Peak District National Park.

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The Cromford Memorial Wall is the first in a network of memorial spaces being brought forward by Landscape Memorials in Partnership with the Forestry Commission to bring beautiful, affordable private memorials to the Forest Estate.

In response to the recent trend towards increasingly expensive and corporate memorial trends the Commission is seeking to provide an alternative that brings environmental benefit, and personal meaning to it's sites.

The Wall provides for personalised plaques set on a restored historic drystone wall overlooking the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site and the Peak District National Park. Making your families commemoration an integral part of a landscape cherished by millions.

Our prices are published openly and deliberately set below those of all alternative providers.






We provide two types of plaque;

Type 1 a simple inscription of name and critical dates on a Welsh Slate plaque. This option costs £500 for a 25 year lease, or £1000 for a lease in perpetuity

Type 2 features unique personalisation by including the signature of the subject,  on a Welsh Slate plaque.

This option costs £1000 for a 25 year lease and £1500 for a lease in perpetuity.

To order or receive more information call, write or email us we will send you an information pack and talk you through the process.


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